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A community in a virtual world committed themselves to build synchronous to the Floriade 2022 a 3D online version: Virtual Floriade. We are talking about: Innovation, Digital Art, 3D Architecture, International Network, Gamification, Education, Community !

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Real live Floriade 2022 impression, day and night

Floriade Amsterdam Almere 2022

For an English PDF file please click this link !!

Community at FreeState Marina in the Virtual World

Some of our activities

One of our activities is renting tiny houses and small locations to moor your boat. Ideal locations close to the big seas that are surrounding us. Virtual land costs,.. This is one of the ways to earn some money back to pay the tier to our virtual landlord.
We do know about SL-Sailing! The Virtual world we live in is an excelent sailing simulater. To do so you need lessons. Lessons that even are usefull in RL sailing as well. We dare to say, learn virtual sailin’ and give it a try in real life.
The opportunities in the virtual world are very divers. Because we live on the waterside we are interested in watersports like diving. We do need to develop exstreme sports better at FreeState Marina. If your are good at thise sports, please come and join us. 🙂

Meet the crew, you contact them online at FreeState Marina

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